Sudden cardiac arrest

What is it?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a condition that unexpectedly ceases the heart. SCA is typically related to an electrical misfire of the heart.

Symptoms of SCA

  • Extreme Fatigue associated with exercise

  • Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath during exercise

  • Fainting or Seizure

Statistics of SCA

  • #1 cause of death in student athletes

  • #2 medical cause of death in youth under the age of 25 yrs

  • #3 Leading cause of Death amongst Schools and Colleges

  • 95% of SCA victims die due to no life saving preventions such as CPR or AED

  • In the United States alone young athletes die every 3-5 days due to SCA

  • 1 in 300 young athletes are found at risk of SCA when a Heart Screening is available.